Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity?
Our minimum quantity is 25 pieces for woven labels and ultra imprinted labels, and 250 pieces for printed labels.
How is pricing determined?
Pricing is determined by size and quantity. Other factors such as backing, woven vs. printed, metallic thread, etc, can influence the overall price.
In which file formats can I submit my artwork or sketch?
We prefer cdr, eps, pdf, ai, svg, but will also accept psd, jpg, gif, bmp, tif, png.
Will I be able to view my art before my labels are produced?
If you requested free artwork from our Art Department, it will be emailed to you for your approval before going to production.
How long does production take?
Production is normally 12 business days from artwork or pre-production sample approval date.
Is there a standard label size?
All our labels are custom; however, our most popular size is 2" wide x 1" tall with no folds and a 1/8" sewing margin on all four sides.
How is size determined?
Size is determined by averaging the width and height. W + H / 2. For example, if your label is 1 x 2 inches, the the overall size to use when determining pricing would be 1.5 inches.
What is the best label for the back of the neck?
End fold and loop fold labels eliminate corners to avoid contact with the skin. 2.5" wide x 1.5" tall is the most popular size for end fold labels. The most popular size for loop fold is 1.5" wide by 3" tall.
How many colors can I have on my label?
Woven labels and patches allow for eight colors, while ultra imprinted labels allow for unlimited colors. Printed labels allow for up to four colors.
What size should my text be?
All capital lettering should be a minimum of the equivalent of 8 points or larger in a standard word processing program. Lowercase and script fonts should not be smaller than 10 points.
What different backings can go on my label?
Below are the backing choices we offer. NO BACKING: allows you to fold you label and sew it into fabric PLASTIC: Adds stiffness/thickness; free upon request HEAT SEAL: allows you to iron on your label with a home iron PEEL & STICK: for a one-time event, attach your label to clothing without ironing HOOK & LOOP: Replace or rotate your label easily
What different fabrics are available for my label?
Woven labels come in damask or satin. Printed labels come in damask, satin, or cotton. Ultra Imprinted labels come in damask or satin. Go here for more information back fabrics.
Will my labels look the same as my art?
Yes, within reason. But keep in mind that your artwork is being translated into thread, so some intricate detail may be lost. However, if this is going to be a factor, our label specialists will warn you beforehand and give you suggestions for altering your artwork or choosing a different label process; so there won't be any surprises ! If your design has very intricate detail, ultra imprinted labels are probably the best option.

Label Folds & Styles

Straight Cut
The most commonly ordered label. Not folded. Can be sewn into or onto a garment from any side, combination of sides, or all four.
End Fold
Space is left on the left and right side of the label. The label is then folded at each end, and the folded portions are sewn into the garment.
Mitre Fold
The ends of a mitre fold label are folded behind and up creating a tab that is sewn into the garment.
Not folded and can be sewn into or onto a garment from any side or combination of sides. Can be cut to the shape of your design.
Center Fold
Top and bottom (or left and right) ends of label are joined. Then the ends of the label is sewn into the garment.
Loop Fold
Top and bottom (or left and right) ends of label are joined and sewn into the garment together.
Manhattan Fold
Similar to center fold, except the top is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into.
Book Fold
Similar to Manhattan fold, except the top is folded down on both ends.