Types of Custom Labels

We understand that the different types of label processes can be confusing. You may have questions such as: What is the most common type? What type of labels can be produced within my needed time frame? Printed labels and Ultra Imprinted labels sound so similar, but what is the difference between them?

Woven Labels

woven label

Woven fabric labels use special micro-threads, which weave the design and white space together to create a fully-formed label. They have enormous durability, holding up to normal wear and washing, sometimes better than the garments they are attached to. They are the highest quality type of fabric label.

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Printed Labels

printed label

Printed fabric labels start with a blank piece of fabric. Special inks are then used to print the design and information on top of the fabric. These are most commonly used to display sizing information and washing instructions, but can also be used when a design is too small or complex to be woven with thread.

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Imprinted Labels

Ultra imprinted label

Ultra imprinted labels also start with a piece of woven fabric, but rather than the design being printed on top of the fabric, it is dyed into the fabric using a special dye-sublimation process. These inks actually fuse to the fabric itself, creating a 100% permanent design that will not fade for the life of the label.

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Which Type of Label is Right For You?

Feature Woven Printed Imprinted
Minimum 25 pieces 500 pieces 50 pieces
Sample Turnaround 2-3 Days N/A 1-2 Days
Production Time 10-12 Business days 12-14 Business days 10-12 Business days
3 Business days for rush
Rush Available Yes (7-day) No Yes (3-day)
Maximum Free Colors 8 4 Unlimited
Backings Available Iron-on, peel-&-stick Iron-on, peel-&-stick Iron-on, peel-&-stick / Rush: none
Maximum Size 8" 3.5" 8" for standard
2" for rush
Materials damask, satin, taffeta damask, satin, cotton damask, satin
Folds All All All for standard
Straight cut for rush
Custom Shapes Yes Yes Yes for standard
No for rush
Gradients / Color Blends Yes (limited) No Yes (unlimited)
Metallic Colors Yes (silver & gold) No No