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Design Guide

Material Types


The most common type of fabric labels are made of damask threads. Damask labels offer the widest variety of background colors and are able to acheive the highest degree of detail in a woven label. Available for all label types: woven, printed, and Ultra imprinted labels.


Satin has the smoothest finish and is soft to the touch. Perfect for applications where fine detail isn't important. A soft, lustrous finish gives the brand the best finishing touch possible. Satin is available for all label types: woven, printed, and Ultra imprinted labels.


We use 100% cotton with the options of natural, white, or black. Cotton is a good choice if you're going for a vintage look. Cotton is only available for printed labels.


Looking for something to stand out from your garment. These thick rubber labels, patches or hangtags are laser cut and have the precise detail that compliments any brand.


These thin, rubbery labels are the popular choice among many of our active-wear clients. Long-lasting, durable, and soft to the touch, these labels are ideal for your sports attire.

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Labels, otherwise known as "tag-less tags", are used when customers want to promote their brand without the bulk of a traditional woven or printed label. They are applied directly onto your garment, tag-free. They stretch with your fabric, are soft to the touch, and are applied with a household iron or industrial heat press.

Fold Styles

  1. Woven Logo Labels

    Straight Cut

    The most commonly ordered label. Not folded. Can be sewn into or onto a garment from any side, combination of sides, or all four.
  2. Woven Logo Labels

    End Fold

    Space is left on the left and right side of the label. The label is then folded at each end, and the folded portions are sewn into the garment.
  3. Woven Logo Labels

    Mitre Fold

    The ends of a mitre fold label are folded behind and up creating a tab that is sewn into the garment.
  4. Woven Logo Labels

    Center Fold

    Top and bottom (or left and right) ends of label are joined. Then the ends of the label is sewn into the garment.

  1. Woven Logo Labels

    Loop Fold

    Top and bottom (or left and right) ends of label are joined and sewn into the garment together.
  2. Woven Logo Labels

    Manhattan Fold

    Similar to center fold, except the top is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into.
  3. Woven Logo Labels

    Book Fold

    Similar to Manhattan fold, except the top is folded down on both ends.
  4. Woven Logo Labels

    Cut To Shape

    Get a unique effect with a label cut to the shape of your logo or artwork.
Feature Woven Printed Imprinted
Minimum 25 pieces 500 pieces 50 pieces
Sample Turnaround 2-3 Days N/A 1-2 Days
Production Time 10-12 Business days 12-14 Business days 10-12 Business days
3 Business days for rush
Rush Available Yes (7-day) No Yes (3-day)
Maximum Free Colors 8 4 Unlimited
Backings Available Iron-on, peel-&-stick Iron-on, peel-&-stick Iron-on, peel-&-stick / Rush: none
Maximum Size 8" 3.5" 8" for standard
2" for rush
Materials damask, satin, taffeta damask, satin, cotton damask, satin
Folds All All All for standard
Straight cut for rush
Custom Shapes Yes Yes Yes for standard
No for rush
Gradients / Color Blends Yes (limited) No Yes (unlimited)
Metallic Colors Yes (silver & gold) No No